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Details Required by C.B.S.E.

Name Of The Institution                                : CENTRAL PUBLIC ACADEMY

                                                                                 Hamidpur, Shaheedwara,

                                                                                 Azamgarh, (U.P.) 276207

Year Of Foundation Of School                      :  2011

Date Of First Opening Of School                 : 04/04/2011

Name And Address Of The Society           : Central Public Academy

                                                                               Nai Bazar Road, Bhaupur,

                                                                      Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur, (U.P.) 273201

Status Of The Society                                  : Registered Under Societies Act 1860

                                                                             Registration No. G – 24738

                                                                             Valid Up To 17/09/2021

                                                                       Renewal No. 1692, Dated 22/10/2016

Nature Of The Society                                 : Non – Proprietary

Nature Of S.M.C.                                            : Formed As Per The Norms Of C.B.S.E.

Name And Address Of The Manager      : Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar Dubey

                                                                             Nai Bazar Road, Bhaupur,

                                                                      Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur, (U.P.) 273201

                                                                             Mob.- 9839523601

Nearest Railway Station                    :           Azamgarh                Distance     3 km.

Nearest bus Station                             :          Azamgarh                 Distance     5 km.

Nearest Nationalized Bank               :          Bank Of India         Distance     0.5 km.

                                                                       Union Bank Of India     Distance     3 km.

Category of the school                           :        Independent

                                                                             Runs on Non-Profit Basis

                                                                             & Non-Commercial Lines

Medium of Instructions                         :        English

Type of School                                         :        Day Boarding & Co-Educational